Your hardware devices, in the Internet Of Things.

Sensorflare provides all the necessary software products and services that can introduce every connected device to versatile setups consisting of different devices, vendors and communicate with various protocols.

Make Your Devices Intelligent Now

You do the hardware. We do the rest.

You Build Your Hardware

Sensorflare provides you with the software and services needed so as to make your devices intelligent.

We Make Your Devices Intelligent

Your devices become part of the Internet of Things and support intelligent processes beyond a simple remote control.

Together We Make People Happy

Millions of people use your hardware devices as Sensorflare makes their intelligent lives simpler.

Our cloud platform adds genuine intelligence to all smart and Internet of Things devices, harnessing them to understand the user’s habits and needs to ultimately enhance everyday life without the hassle of complex configuration.

Fast & Effortless Integration.

Sensorflare helps Hardware Manufacturers in the IoT industry to make their devices intelligent and integrate them effortlessly in the broader smart ecosystems and support intelligent processes beyond a simple remote control.

  • Mainstream standards to support new devices
  • Easy to use, cloud-based UI
  • Observe, Suggest, Forget intelligence
  • Fast & real-time processing engine
  • Simplified organization & configuration

Spark Works IoT Platform

Sensorflare is developed based on the Spark Works IoT platform, which helps you develop your IoT enterprise application.

The Spark Works IoT platform is an award winning platform ready to be used and scale up to serve your needs.